Client Testimonials

Touch of Joy – Arrive in your Inner Peace

“Just received “touch of joy- back to inner peace” from Surja. Some issues that I felt during the last days went to their correct place in my system. This creates inner peace. Thank you”!

“I see and feel things globally, my solar plexus is my third eye. Especially during Corona times it is sometimes working franticly and wild. During a video chat I received Surja’s wonderful healing of the solar plexus. It was an amazing experience!!! As she started to work, my chakra was rotating crazily and then I could feel very clearly, how the energy focused and became peaceful. Surja’s singing manifested peace within me. She leads so wonderfully with her female loving energy and I am so thankful that I was able to benefit from your work, dear Surja”.

“Surja has this wonderful gentle way how she connected to my solar plexus today. I don’t know, if this is only the case here in Mexico, but the energies are very chaotic and confused at the moment. For the first time I felt how my solar plexus is also nervous and agitated. Surja’s message during the healing was “Relax into it and let yourself fall completely”. Oooooohh that felt so great!!! A completely new ground opened up where new creativity can grow now. An inner fire expanded inside and opened all gates. I am now able to be fully present with my inner peace and calmness. Thank you for your loving support, dear Surja”!

Kritara, Christchurch, New Zealand

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