Single Healing Sessions

Your inner warrior is alive,

let him out to play.


Body Feng Shui

  • Release burdens from your shoulders
  • Peace with yourself

Simple energetic signs instantly bring energy into a flow, similar to acupuncture. “Release burdens” instantly removes heaviness from your body. Burdens you didn’t even notice suddenly fall off your shoulders. You feel lighter and more “in tune” with yourself again.
In person and remotely possible.
Cost per session: $20

Release Burdens from your Shoulders Body Feng Shui Session

Energy Feng Shui for your shoulders: Release burdens and feel lighter.


“Peace with yourself” brings a deep healing flow of gentle peace into your body. Stress and tension can be released and staying in your inner balance suddenly becomes so much easier.
In person and remotely possible.
Cost per session: $50

Peace with yourself Body Feng Shui Session

Energy Feng Shui for your soul: Feel peaceful within you.


Release Trauma

Do you feel heavy with negative thoughts and worry too much?
Do you keep falling into the same harmful patterns, although you know better?
Does life feel like a trap and you can’t seem to get out of it? Or do you also experience nightmares?

Are you ready to release these heavy and harmful burdens?
Book a 30-40 min trauma release session with Surja.
Within a few minutes you feel, how your body releases heavy energies, the trauma leaves your system. Diving deep into emotions isn’t necessary. Up to 3 traumas can be released in one session. You may also name a trauma you’d like to release. This brings deep healing and peace to your body and mind.
Remotely via video chat, or in person.
Cost per session: $80

Release Trauma Healing Session

Release 3 heavy burdens that you want to be free from now.


Angels Hug

A lot of us are alone, working from home, not able to visit any friends or family. Often we feel lonely and experience more sadness and mental stress than we normally would.
Do you also feel lonely and are often sad for no reason?
Are you longing for kindness and compassion?
Do you just want to relax and feel loved again?
Book a 30 min angel session with Surja.
Her wings will gently surround your whole being. Your body can relax completely and you feel loved and accepted as you are. Unconditional love embraces you. An individual healing gift may come to you as well: A message from your guardian angel, a stream of light from your origin or simply feeling loved deeply. This embrace may also reveal your own connection to the angelic realm. Open your heart to receive this special angelic healing.
Remotely or in person.
Cost per session: $80
Blessings ❤️

Angels Hug

Feel the love of an angel and receive healing and support.


Touch of Joy – Arrive in your Inner Peace

In these times of uncertainty, we experience more stress, anxiety and trauma than ever.
Do you also feel how this stress has an effect on your ability to remain calm and stay in your inner balance? How many times per day do you react out of balance, not like your usual calm self?
Are you fed up with negativity and stress?
Do you want to release stress and feel joyful and at peace again?
Book a 30-40 min peace session with Surja.
She reaches out to your inner self, your solar plexus chakra, the center of your inner peace.
Within minutes you will feel the drama and stress leave your body. Your core will fill up with peaceful energy. You will notice, how good it feels to be in touch with your inner sun again, the center of your body. Peace will flow into your whole body and lift your spirits. Joy from within will fill your heart.
Remotely or in person.
Read Client Testimonials here.
Cost per session: $120
Om Shanti Jay! 🌻

Touch of Joy – Arrive in your Inner Peace

Experience deep transformation and feel peaceful and calm again.


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