Seminar: Trinity of Powers

Surja: Spiritual Teacher and Shaman.
She has been active as a spiritual coach for over 15 years. She started with her own healing journey and transformation. Her experience and training brings an abundance of knowledge and wisdom to her healing work.

Heaven and earth, and in between we are, forming a trinity of flowing energy.
Angels, crystals and shaman drums: Are you ready for a new You? Want to experience your place on earth and feel the connection to your heaven? Looking for trust and joy?
Join this 2-day-transformational journey into the golden age.
Create your life with ease and love. Feel connected and safe between heaven and earth.

1st day: Transformation

  • Release old patterns of behavior and thinking
  • Heal old wounds and trauma
  • Let go of restrictive beliefs
  • Feel connected between heaven and earth

2nd day: Joy and Abundance

  • Receive individual healing messages from the angels
  • Connect your heaven with your heart, let your love flow into earth
  • Feel a new kind of joy arising within you
  • Embrace your inner abundance
  • Connect with and feel your new self, reborn into the golden light

Your Start into a new Life

This seminar empowers you to shed old skins and connect to your inner true being. It supports you in making big steps towards feeling inner peace and joy, not dependent on any outside factors. You win inner stability by feeling connected to heaven and earth. Your whole being benefits: Your body can relax completely, your mind calms down, emotional healing brings peace.
What are you waiting for?
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“…I felt the support of the angels who worked with great focus…a new space in my heart opened, now with a stable connection to earth. My head feels free, no more thoughts, so wonderful! What a present! I would totally recommend this seminar!

KriSaNa Rister, Shaman

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